About Arya Tina Gene

We are a private limited company located in Iran and having our state of the art manufacturing and R&D centre in Gorgan, a city about 400 km far from Tehran. AryaTinaGene Company ATG® was established by senior academic members of the different well known universities of Iran as a powerful scientific hub for its local, regional and international activities. ATG® is recognized for its scientific expertise in all aspects of innovative research and biotechnology.

ATG® also blessed with excellent resources, its facilities, its location and its strong regional and international linkages. We are very pleased to be working with our scientific partners at the local or international levels to affect a tremendous effort in the country and region. We do firmly expect that, at the end of the first period of implementation, we will be able to introduce strong aspects of medical biotechnology projects in Iran and in the region, which will be demonstrated by real improvements in our goals.

Presidential Note

We are proud to say that we have reached the degree of perfection that follows “the way to better living”.

ATG History

ATG Co. was founded in 2005 with the goal of manufacturing hi-tech products in biotechnology and related fields. 

ATG is strategically positioned to become and remain a leading biotechnology company in the region. Our aim is to use our expertise to identify and acquire selected products through strategic partnerships to promote sustainable development in human health.

Why biotechnology?

We are proud to see that the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved the 5th position in biotechnology among the Asian countries after Japan, South Korea, India and China. Iran has focused on both agricultural and medicinal applications of biotechnology, and has developed significant infrastructure both in terms of production and advanced methods. Indeed, the share of Arya Tina Gene Company in Iran ranking position is something that cannot be ignored as being a trustable producer of molecular biology reagents and recombinant biopharmaceuticals.