Iran inaugurated production lines for recombinant drugs

Minister of Health and Medical Education recombinant Filgrastim first line drugs in the northern city of Golestan province opened.
Network Information Center's report, Chairman Aria Tina Gene research firm said the drug's first brand Tinagrast into  pre-filled syringes is shipped to domestic and foreign markets.
The medication for the treatment of patients with congenital neutropenia, some AIDS patients and those for bone marrow transplantation or chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer treatment have to be prescribed.
Filgrastim synthetic form of g-csf (granulocyte colony stimulating factor) is a natural protein that causes white blood cells are produced.
G-csf deficiency increases the risk of bacterial infections.
The drug-induced bone marrow to produce white blood cells and thus reduces the risk of infection. And causes blood cells to the bone marrow where they accumulate And bone marrow disease treatment Or in the alternative treatment of advanced cancer of the bone marrow may be lost.
A quarter of the price reductions, reduced risk of infection when injected, the injection volume reduction, Innovation in formulation, reducing pain during injection and during treatment The benefits of this drug in comparison with similar foreign stated.